Video Tutorials in English

Find out how the most frequent procedures are carried out on Suma’s website: pay by card, direct debit, payment in instalments, submitting appeals and more.

How to pay your municipal taxes on Suma website

This video shows the steps to pay your municipal taxes on Suma website by bank card.

How to use Suma digital services

Using the electronic channel is the easiest way to be informed about your local taxes, no matter where you are, as the tax information is available anytime, anywhere on Suma website. This video shows how to join Suma electronic notification scheme step by step.

How to obtain your payment receipt online

If you have paid your tax bill and you want to obtain a payment receipt, you can do it online very easily. You will only be requested to enter some private information of your bill.This video shows how to do it on the website.


How to pay your local tax if you don’t have a tax bill

If you have not received your annual tax bill or you have lost it, you can get your copy and even pay online very easily on Suma website. This video shows how to do it step by step.

Tutorial on how to setup a direct debit in Suma

Suma offers taxpayers a wide variety of payment methods for their tax bills, on the web, by phone and in their offices. The easiest and more efficient is the direct debit. It is requested once and does not need to be renewed every year. This video explains in detail  how to set it up.

Tutorial on payment methods in Suma

Suma manages the collection of taxes and local charges. In this video we’ll take a look at the payment methods Suma offers to taxpayers, that is, how and where they can pay.  Get to know all the available options, its advantages and characteristics.

Tutorial on how to appeal to Suma

Suma manages the local taxes of all city councils in Alicante Province. Sometimes, the tax decisions are wrong either because the information details are outdated or due to an error in the procedure. Find out in this video how a taxpayer can request a review of a tax decision from Suma because he or she thinks it’s incorrect.

Tutorial  on Suma annual tax bill

Suma manages the collection of local taxes and fees, most of which are collected through annual tax bills. The tax bill is a document that must contain precise information on who should pay, why it is paid, and of course, how much, when and where. Learn with examples how this information is arranged in the payment document issued by Suma.

Suma website explained for all users

Suma offers services through its network of offices, through its Customer Helpline and through its website. Find out what operations can be carried out on its on-line office without any digital identification.

Personal options on Suma’s website

On Suma’s website we can carry out a wide range of procedures. We can have free access to some of them but others require a digital ID because they are confidential. In this video we’ll focus on these confidential procedures.